Announcing our Driver of the Month and much more..
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Woo-hoo! Spring is here apparently  – the weather may not have always be playing ball in the last fortnight – how many of us have had snow in this time??? Easter holidays for the schools are well under way and there will be day trips arranged, possible Easter egg hunts and definitely chocolate being eaten across the land this weekend. 🍫

As Spring continues through April into May, this heralds Summer being on its way and I can think of  nothing better than spending time outdoors to blow away the cobwebs of Autumn and Winter. Spending time outdoors is a brilliant way to spend your day off especially if you sit all day behind the wheel or in my case, all day behind the laptop.

Stretch those legs and face into the sun – let’s shout woo-hoo again for Spring and those Summer months being on their way. ☀️

Bogdan is a HGV Class 1 Driver, working for multiple clients in the Milton Keynes and Northampton area. He is reliable and has shown continued consistency in his work for us at Driver Require.

On numerous occasions Bogdan has helped us out and taken additional shifts to help with late bookings. He never lets us down and is always happy to help, we always receive good feedback.

As a big "THANK YOU" for being a Driver Require Superhero and going Beyond the Extra Mile, we will be sending Bogdan a £25 Amazon gift card.

Thank you Bogdan, for all of your hard work and Going the Extra Mile to get the job done, from all of the team at Driver Require.
With the sun shining, the annual event held by Ocado to celebrate their safest, best drivers of the year was up and running. Driver Require’s annual sponsorship of Ocado’s Driver of the Year event was packed full of fun, boasting fast cars, vans and lorries – it did not disappoint!

The Driver Require team this year was made up of Kieran Smith (CEO), Kerry Gevaux (National Accounts Director), Sarah Fowke (Marketing Manager) Mike Beard (Account Manager) and our very own LGV hero and RC expert, Ian Datlen. We were all lucky enough to be treated to some serious driving thrills, including a ride in the Aerial Atom 3 which has the engine from a Honda Civic, boasting 0-60 in 3 to 4 seconds – the top speed is quoted at 155mph!

Whilst the drivers were testing their track skills, the Driver Require team were busy testing the best of Ocado’s drivers to reverse manoeuvre a to-scale replica Class One lorry into a narrow parking bay. Our winner was Nathan Richards from Dartford who did it brilliantly in in an all-time record just over 16 seconds. Nathan took home a £150 Amazon Gift Voucher.

We nominated Cleveland Sallaby who predominantly works from our Ocado Hatfield branch, as our LGV Driver of the Year for his loyalty, willingness, friendliness and for being not only a superb Class 1 driver, but also a great representative of the company. He is always willing to help if we need cover in Erith and will do this without complaint and with a smile on his face.

View the highlights from the event below. ⬇️
How long have you been with Driver Require? 17 years 6 months

Have you always been in recruitment? If not, what did you do before? No, funnily enough most of my working life was with Sainsbury’s & Homebase. I was a Store Manager in quite a few stores from Cardiff, Hatfield, Hendon, Watford and Harrow

Now for some of your favourites…

Favourite band/singer? The Beatles, if you insisted on a favourite, although I have a few close seconds. My favourite singer, female would be between Whitney Houston and Shirley Bassey, male would be between Greg Lake and Tom Jones

Favourite ‘binge watch’ series on TV/Netflix/Amazon etc? The Jason Bourne series

Favourite quote from a film? “I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo. "So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

And last but not least…

What three words best describe you? Loyal, deep, family

Proudest moment of your life to date? Giving away my daughter in marriage, especially my father’s speech.
This year's 40th Truckfest in Peterborough will be held between 30th April - 2nd May, a weekend full of family fun, entertainment and trucks.

Todd Dewey from Ice Road Truckers will be joining us for the entire weekend, as well as Monster Truck Car Crushing Action, Broke FMX and Slingshot Ride Truck.

If you are interested in attending, you can check out more here.
Celebrating Company Anniversaries & New Starters
Welcoming our new starters..

· Stuart Moss, Branch Manager, Dartford

· Steve Chetwynd, Senior Consultant, Tamworth

· Vlad Bargaoanu, Consultant, Tamworth

· Shane Millar, Consultant, Stevenage

· Evita Riekstina, Resourcer, Northampton
Congratulations to Daniella Laviola and Jenny Fisk AREC both from our Head Office for celebrating their Driver Require Anniversaries!
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The 5ppl fuel duty cut announced last Wednesday has been described as a “sticking plaster,” by RHA’s executive director Rod McKenzie.
Furthermore, prices in bulk and on the forecourt suggest that the cut is currently having little impact.

I’ll keep going as long as I can,’ says 90-year-old Brian Wilson – Britain’s oldest lorry driver. Brian, who has been behind the wheel for almost 70 years, certainly shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, he says he hates not being on the road. Read more...

Four huge changes are set to happen for motorists. The new rules come with costly repercussions if broken, with fines as high as £2,000. There is also a risk of points on your licence. Read more...
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