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Welcome to our June edition of The Extra Mile. We are all back in office following the extended Bank Holiday and the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 🎉 We want to thank those of you that sacrificed family time and worked over the extended weekend. Remember, if you have any pics of your celebrations we would love to see them – pop them in an e-mail to

We have launched our tour of facilities for drivers, with the first feature being Baldock Services on the A1M. There are more reviews to come, and we will be looking to get you, the drivers, involved too if you visit any particularly good facilities and want to share your thoughts. Keep your eyes on our social media – they are featured on our Instagram Reels and our new Driver Require TikTok account. See below for our first review. 👇

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) are carrying out a countrywide campaign to improve driver facilities and currently have a petition on their website to be signed if you want to get involved and have your voice heard. The petition will be given to the government and is addressed to the Prime Minister. Our collective voice will be difficult to be ignored. Happy driving and see you all next month. 😊
📣Β  Another month and another issue of The Extra Mile. Each month we hope you enjoy your read. We like to bring you articles that interest you and maybe start conversations. If you have any ideas or requests for articles please email with the subject line Extra Mile.

Agata is a Class 1 driver working out of Ocado, Hatfield, she has received praise from the team for her willingness to help and positive attitude towards work.

"Please pass on my gratitude to Agata, who went above and beyond the usual Ocado standards tonight. This is not the first instance where she has displayed exemplary work ethic and attitude, and is a credit to your company." Team Manager, Ocado

As a big "THANK YOU" for being a Driver Require Superhero and going Beyond the Extra Mile, we will be sending Agata a Β£25 Amazon gift card.

Thank you Agata, for all of your hard work and Going the Extra Mile to get the job done, from all of the team at Driver Require.
How long have you been with Driver Require? 6 years

Have you always been in recruitment? If not, what did you do before? I’ve always worked in logistics starting at NFT in the transport department, then moved over to Sainsburys at Waltham point to where I was there in the transport department for 10 years before leaving and trying my hand at recruitment and he rest is history...

Now for some of your favourites…

Favourite band/singer? Script, The Weekend, Michael Jackson

Favourite β€˜binge watch’ series on TV/Netflix/Amazon etc? Power, Queen of the south, Cobra Kai, Son`s of Anarchy, Breaking Bad

Favourite quote from a film? "Wax on, Wax off"

And last but not least…

What three words best describe you? Funny, Loyal, Driven

Proudest moment of your life to date? Becoming a father to my son


Have you seen our new series on Instagram? 📱
Jenny and Isabel have been out and about on the road reviewing lorry facilities based in the South East & Midlands.

On the first leg of the tour, Baldock Services was the first service station which came under review.

Offering a range of options within the food hall, places to eat in and outside, free shower facilities and much more it got Jenny's seal of approval!

Next up on the lorry facilities tour: Toddington Services & South Mimms

We really appreciate any input or feedback you may have and would like to know if you have any facilities recommendations that you would like to see reviewed in future.

⬅️ Click here to watch the first instalment of the series.

We are delighted to feature one of our driver's Mark Buckingham's charity Walk The Wight for Mountbatten Isle of Wight in this issue of The Extra Mile.

"So Sunday morning myself and a few of my old mucker’s decided to do our bit for a well deserved charity Mountbatten Hospice, as in many ways it strikes a cord with everyone who has required end of life care, so we set ourselves a target which we hope to achieve by doing a little bimble across the Isle of Wight. So a beautiful start but early at 0600, we set ourselves a target of 10 hours so we could take in the views and the atmosphere of the event well, with a little sunburn and some tender feet we completed the course within 9 hours not the fastest, but not too bad either. So if you could help our quest to raise that little, to help with the Mountbatten hospice charity fund, your help would be very much appreciated by everyone concerned.", written by Mark Buckingham, Ocado, Andover

If you would like to support the Mountbatten Hospice Charity, please click here.

In other news, we have also recently gone live over on TikTok. You can keep up-to-date with all the latest Β content over on our channel.

Please send through any ideas you have, we would love to know what you would like to see!Β Β 

You can follow us @driverrequire 🚛

With the Driver Require teams recently meeting up at Chicheley Hall, the morning was spent hearing news from all our branches and discussing future company plans.

Luckily we had the weather on our side, with workshops being carried out later during the day.Β Β Check out our latest Instagram reel from the All Hands meeting here.

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A cross-party group of MPs has told the logistics industry to "get its house in order", calling for better overnight facilities for drivers and new ways to boost recruitment. Read more...

The Government will invest more than Β£160 million in four major road projects across England. The four schemes in Newcastle, Cornwall, Greater Manchester and Southampton, will generate an estimated Β£659.3m in economic benefits for the regions through improved investment, new housing and employment opportunities, says the Department for Transport (DfT). Read more...

Executive Director of the RHA, Rod McKenzie, highlighted the critical role of the haulage industry and drivers during a speech at the Microlise Conference. Read more...
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